What does CBS-CEIC offer you?


CBS-CEIC is a Hungarian adult education institute (has an official training permit) where competency-based and individualized courses are being carried out. Having revealed your personal skills, capacities and cognition we offer a course program for you which helps you to meet the requirements of the entrance exam of the higher education institution you have chosen.

After receiving your application we overview your datas on the application form then we test and anaize your language knowledge (written and/or oral) in order to fit the course to your actual knowledge level.

The CBS-CEIC courses contain 800 or 300/400 lessons according the results of your test. In general we can set out that if your knowledge is "beginner" or "basic" we recommend the 800-lesson course. If your are "intermediate" (B2 level) the preparation in the special subject you have chosen is enough for you - these courses are targeted to the university entrance exam.

So what does CBS-CEIC offer you?

  • Preliminary knowledge test.
  • A guidance to choose the convenient course.
  • Developes your English language knowledge.
  • Helps to acquire an active communication skills in English.
  • Gives high-standard special-subject-preparation for the entance exam of the chosen institute.
  • Offers a continuous mentoring during your studies.
  • Full management of your entry to Hungary, then during your staying (with a predetermined tariff).
  • Full coverage and help to the entrance exam needed to start your studies at a university.
  • In case of certain higher education institut the result of your CBS-CEIC course can substitute the entrance exam.
  • In short: a way to your study-goals, an opportunity to get your degree!