Each student comes to the moment when he or she has to decide on their future - what profession, what career to choose.

For continuing education it is very important to choose the training site or school where students can achieve their goals without any loss of time. It is also important that the acquired knowledge must be valuable and the degree  has to be appreciated and accepted all around the world.

What is the most important secret for obtaining a diploma? You need to have adequate funds, just like in the case of building a house. If the base of the house is not founded properly, whatever you build on it, that will collapse. The situation is the same with studies. If there is no basic knowledge then there will be neither success, nor diploma.

Those young students who attend CBS-CEIC training courses get the necessary basis for their higher education which ensures that the multi-year university years can be carried through and their ambition can be reached successfully.

Nowadays it is quite natural that young people continues their studies abroad and not in their native country. There are many reasons for it: there aren't enough state-financed places, other institutes offer higher standartds in training, it is cheaper to obtain a degree abroad or foreign studies represent bigger value, or merely adventures are attractive for young adults.

Studentsarriving to our institute are from several countries around the world so they come from different civilizations. Learning in a foreign country can mean not only a challange but fear and excitement as well because a new period starts in the life of the student far from his or her family and the well-known milieu.

In case of CBS-CEIC students we give maximun help in eg. official administrational tasks and we also attend to the integration of our students.