Our institution organizes  other services for students, depending on what needs there are.

There are services that are related to study and there are services releted  recreation.

Studies related services:

Library: it is possible to use the library where also computer use and internet facilities are provided.

Other Services:

Rent search:  Having arrived in Hungary you will need housing or a sublet, which we help you to find. If you send us your ideas, your needs (eg, city or suburb, house or apartment, ground floor or first floor, room number, etc),for  your arrival, we will find the perfect apartment for you and  you will only need to look at it.

Real estate purchase: If you want to buy an apartment send us your requirements and we will help you to find the ideal apartment or house. We have connections with several real estate offices, so in a relatively short period of time the perfect apartment may be found.

Car Rental: If you want to rent a car during the time you live here, of course, we can help. Let us know about your needs and we will solve it within 24 hours.

Car Purchase: If you want to buy a car, we can give a direct connection to the brand representatives. Your task is to decide which car to buy.

Fitness and Sports: For daily learning it is very important to do active recreation, sports and exercise.

Legal Representation: If you stay in Hungary during the legal representation you need (such as buying a home or any administration), so an experienced lawyer is offered to you. In all cases, counsel fees are sorted in advance.

Trips in Hungary: there are numerous tourist attractions: natural wonders, stunning landscape, attractions, we can organize you a trip even for several days. (The trips are not free.)