PTE - University of Pécs - Dentistry

Education informations

Academic major:

Degree (BA, MA, PhD. etc):

Type and name of degree:

Duration of studies:

The language the classes are held in:

The cities where the universities are located:

Initial fees
Applicantion fee: 
200 USD
Registration Fee: 
200 USD
Examination Fee: 
250 USD
Tuition fee
The tuition fee is liable to change for each semester (according to the rules and regulations of each University)
Tuition fees (semester): 
14.710 USD ( 8.155 for the first, USD 6.555 for the second semester). A USD 200 registration fee is payable together with the tuition fee. The cost of dental materials is also included.
Monthly costs of living
Rent, utilities, transportation costs, costs of meals.
Accommodation deposit
Accommodation deposit: 
600 EUR - 3 months
Monthly costs of living: 
270 EUR - 300 EUR
Expected total costs of education
Total cost of education up to diploma without the cost of living, provided that the student finishes the diploma in the specified time frame.
Expected total costs of education: 
73.550 USD
Total cost
Includes all cost for the diploma finished in the specified time period.
Total cost: 
100.000 - 120.000.- EUR
Admission informtions
Admission requirements: 

Strong basic knowledge in biology, chemistry and physics (BA or B.Sc. is preferred) Excellent knowledge of English oral and written entrance exam.
The applicants have to fill in an application form, attach the requested documents, and mail it to the English Program Office of University of Pécs Medical School.
You will be notified of the receipt of the application material and of the date and place of the entrance examination. (Applicants holding a B.A. or B.Sc. degree in biology, biochemistry or chemistry might be exempted from this.) The examination consists of a written test and an oral interview.
The topics focus on biology, chemistry and physics. Mastery of the English language is required.

Entrance examination: 
Language of instruction: 

Library facilities:

The Central University Library, which was founded in 1774, stocks some 1.5million volumes and numerous periodicals. This makes it the largest library in the Transdanubian region. In addition, each faculty and colleges has its own library and other document resources.

Computer facilities:
The University has many computer labs in many locations. The labs are available to the students for study purposes. E-mail and web access is also provided free of charge.

Sport activities:
There is a wide variety of student entertainment facilities both in and out the university. As Pécs is a student city, many bars, clubs and discos provide the students with additional relaxation and amusement. Pécs received the prestigious title:

Dormitories are (within limit) available for international students. Private flats, rented apartments are available near the university. Approximate monthly cost for a rented apartment: 100-150 EUR for a person


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