Other fees


Additionel fees:

  • Registration fee: 250 EUR (application, administration, entrance exam fee of CBS-CEIC course).
  • Visa administration: depends on your country.
  • Cost of residence permit: varies by country.
  • The cost of CBS-CEIC textbooks and instructional materials varies depending on the direction of the training. Preparatory materials, such as the English language - 4 pieces - textbooks cost  ~ 200 EUR . Additional books per academic subject mean 20-50 EUR subject.
  • Extra lessons/ courses: Our institution allows the use of additional services, eg. tutoring, private lessons, Hungarian language education. These costs in each case depend on how many hours you wish to learn individually or in groups.
  • Accommodation expenses (utilities): varies depending on individual needs, from 180 ~ 350 EUR / month. It is important to know that in case of renting accomodation, owners usually claim a deposit of 2 or 3 months. After the rental agreement has expired you get back this deposit or can spend the last months for this amount of money if you have payed all the public utilities' fees. 
  • Cost of living: varies depending on individual needs, from ~ 180 EUR / month to 350 EUR/month.
  • Health insurance: during your stay- in case you should need  any urgent medical assistance- you should have an insurance, a fee of ~ 200 EUR / year.