"I feel my knowledge is not enough, to a university."

Get ready to join us at CBS- CEIC and you will  be successful!


Why should you choose CBS- CEIC courses?

  • There is a wide range of courses and you can select the most appropriate one for yourself.
  • Local representation is available to assist you with administration, applications, etc.
  • Tuition fees are lower than anywhere else.
  • Because of the high technical and practical knowledge of our educators.
  • You will be prepared for your university entrance exam.
  • In our training programs you will get special materials which will help you to succeed.
  • After your CBS-CEIC studies (thanks to your skills) you will have a very good chance to succeed at the higher education entrance examination.
  • You will acquire a level of English that will be indispensable during your academic studies.
  • You will get continuous feedback about your progress.
  • You will become familiar with exam situations both orally and in writing, you will learn to handle your stress.
  • You are important to us we will do everything for you.
  • If it is necessary we will help with your administration to get a residence permit in Hungary.
  • Students come from all over the world, so you can get to know many cultures and nationalities.
  • You can get to know Hungarian culture, its customs and its most important tourist attractions.
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