Further studies

Our partner higher educational institutions accept the successful out come of our preparatory courses and final exam as their entrance exam.

The higher educational institutions with which we have no agreement, you will have to complay in accordonce with the higher education act in regards to entrance exams. The preparotory courses at CBS- CEIC meet the level that is needed for a succesful entrance exam (we will prepare you for the demands of the university of your choice).

You will be informed about the entrance examination date and location in time, and necessary documents are provided.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: in Hungary according to the law  (CXXXIX. statue 2005, about higher education) anybody can apply for the faculties published in the year given at universites or colleges. Universities and colleges publish their faculties (on their own sites) and the condition you have to meet along with the entrance procedure. If there is an entrance exam, what kind of parts does it have and with what fees -entrance and tuition fees - should be considered. According to the Hungarian law if a candidate has applied to a university or college, the official entrance procedure starts without any further cooperative organization. Naturally each universities or college has an individual procedure - this has to be studied thorough by candidates!

At the university entrance exam you have to showcase your existing knowledge and about how ready you are to complete a 3 or 4 or 6 year-long university course.

If you did the CBS- CEIC course in a serious manner (which is reflected in your final exam results) you will have a good chance to meet the challenge of the entrance exam.

There are universities and colleges which  accept the results of your studies in preparatory courses in CBS-CEIC - according to their co-operation with CBS-CEIC. If you fulfil the requirement described at the start of the term (your outcome should be at least 70% during the whole cours and do not miss more lessons that is allowed) thus whith this replaces the entrance exam of the university or college you have chosen.

CBS-CEIC studies are accepted at: 

  • Turism and catering (BA studies, Kodolányi János College)
  • Economic and management (BA studies, Kodolányi János College)

CBS-CEIC has continous talks with many universities and colleges about the cooperations. Beside this it is very important that the aim of the preparatory courses of CBS-CEIC is that you gain a preparedness at a maximum level to be successful in the entrance exams of any university or college!

If you finished with good results the courses of CBS-CEIC you can start your studies at faculties below:

English as a foreign language and Pre-Medical preparatory programs/Pre-Medical preparatory programs

  • General Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Pharmacy

English as a foreign language and Pre-Technical preparatory programs/ Pre-Technical preparatory programs

  • Engineer (materials, electrical, agricultural, computer, environmental)

Pre-Business Preparatory Programs/ English as a foreign language and Pre-BusinessPreparatory Programs

  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • Business Administration and Management

Pre-IT Preparatory Programs/ English as a foreign language and Pre-IT Preparatory Programs

  • Computer/ IT

English as a foreign language and Pre-Health science Preparatory Programs

  • Physiotherapy
  • Nurse

English as a foreign language and Social Science preparatory programs/ Social Science preparatory programs

  • Psychology
  • Solciology
  • Social work