English as a foreign language and Pre-Medical preparatory programs


Goal of courses: The training has multiple objectives. On one hand, it has the objective to bring the students English knowledge to a B2 level. After completing the module it will enable the student to fluently communicate on any topic, to express his/her opinion and stand-point on any given topic in complex and coherent sentence structures and phrasing. Another objective of the module is the student’s acquirement of grammatical rules necessary to have a level B2 command of English. To properly apply the rules during text comprehension and creation, and during the comprehension and lucid expression of communicative intentions.

Students learn all the biological, chemical and physical knowledge that is necessary to take medical entrance exam for entering higher education institution. Furthermore, our aim is to bring the knowledge of the international student to a common level, which will be needed at the universities.

Number of course lessons:               800 lessons
Subjects of course:       English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Hungarian
Obtainable documents finishing course:  Certificate        
Period of course:       17/09/2012.-30/06/2013.
Application deadline:             24/08/2012.
Tuition fee:     4900 EUR (includes 250 EUR registration, application and examination fee)


             Further fees payable upon arriving in Hungary


Health insurance for the duration of stay (1 year)

200 EUR

Transfer from Budapest to Campus

~ 60 EUR

Application for residency permit (Emigration office)

~ 60EUR

School book packet

~ 200 EUR

Accommodation fee for nine months

4950 EUR



Information and planned expenses for the whole university studies


Directions of further education

General Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy

Duration of studies

12 or 10 semester

Tuition fee

~ 3 750- 8 000 EUR/ semester

Accommodation fee

~ 500 EUR/month